Lecture Rooms of the
   Technischen Universität
   Berlin, Berlin

FISSLER ERNST ARCHITEKTEN has been commissioned to fundamentally renovate and coordinate the media-technical equipment of the big lecture rooms HE 101 and H 104 of the Technische Universität Berlin. Extraordinary technical standards needed a high level of conception, performance and detail plan. The coordination of different detail plans of the media technology posed a special challenge for our construction management.

The lecture room H 104 has been equipped with the worldwide biggest Wave Field Synthesis System. All modules of this system, which is based on the principle of the wave field synthesis (WFS), have been specially built for and partly new built at the Technische Universität Berlin. This procedure of acoustic holography, which has been invented at the TU Delft in the Netherlands in the beginning of 1990, enabled the synthesis of wave fronts of virtual acoustic-waves through an array off equal loudspeakers. Through the acoustic holography it is possible to create an impressive world of acoustic - real and surreal sounds - which opened new possibilities to the world of research and arts. Through this system the TU Berlin has a unique feature in the area of technology, media and arts. A 86 meter long ribbon, consisting of 2700 loudspeakers, circulates the auditorium H104 on the level of a the auditors - the auditorium is located in the main building of the TU Berlin and offers 648 seats. The loudspeakers will be activated through digital data cables and 832 autonomous signals, which will be generated for their part by a cluster of 16 data processors.

The second lecture room HE 101, which we have fully modernized, is listed as a trademark and has been built at the northern campus together with Prof. Ochs (architect) and Prof. Cremer (acoustician) in the beginning of the 1960s. Today's technical demands required the installation of the latest media. To improve the acoustic of the auditorium the blackboard panel had to be newly built by a steel-aluminium-construction. The design of the blackboard wall incorporates the drapery of the former curtain. The other three walls of the auditorium, the seating and the drapery needed to refurbish and modernized with caution. For the first time the auditorium has been made available for handicapped people that are sitting wheelchairs through an elevator; also, there are also three available places for wheelchair users in the first row. The lecture room has 793 seats that are organised on the historically seating.