Residential Building at the
   Sonnenhof, Berlin

Gross Floor Area: 310,00 m²
Gross Volume: 960,00 m³
Project Period: 1996-2002

A small residential building from the twenties of the last century has been rebuilt to a house with separate apartments and a medical practise. To fulfil the requirements of the whole space program an expansion house was needed, in which all rooms with a large area demand could been organised on two levels and one vista level. The relative small-spaced structure of the house contained all individual rooms as well as a small, separately developed apartment by now.

The country house character of the former residential building could have been conserved. A connective structural element substitutes the expansion of the existing house. Now, it stands out in form of a modern cube and forms together with the vista level and its two level steel-glass elements an aesthetically excitement to the traditionally small opening of the country house. The facades selected colors and materials for its light-colored fair-faced plaster surface and wood panels form together a harmonically whole ensemble composed of the old and new. In 2002 there has been realised a large-scale garden area and a pool installation within a horticultural concept.