Robert-Reinick Grammar
   School, Berlin

Gross Floor Area: 3.610 m²
Gross Volume: 14.140 m³
Project Period 2009 - 2011

The Robert-Reinick Grammar school expands with a new building complex, consisting of three floors. The school administration rooms, the school library as well as multipurpose rooms will be located on the ground floor. The two upper floors will hold class rooms, group and separation rooms, classrooms for special school subjects and an inside surface that can be used all-year as break and action area. A roof light will illuminate the inside surface with natural light.

The building underlies a module order, which is based on the class room sizes. The main supporting elements of the shell construction will derive from the module order and have been pre-manufactured and built component-based to enable a short building time of 10 months.

The finance of the building project takes place with the support of the means of the reflationary program II of the Federal Republic of Germany.