Interior Design - Hotel Adlon

  • Adlon Residence

3.770 m² Hotel Floor Space, 1. - 6. Upper Level
Hotel Adlon, Berlin
600 m² Gastronomy Spaces
Ground floor 220 m² Day Spa / Wellness Area in the First and Second Basement Level
Project Period: 2002 - 2007

  • Adlon Hotel

Presidential Suite, located in the high-security area
Floor Space: 350 m²
Project Period: 2005 - 2006

  • Adlon Palais

Adlon Palais
2.810 m² Hotel Space: 1. - 4. level
1.100 m² Gastronomy Spaces: 1 , 5. + 6. Upper Level
Project Period: 2000 - 2003

Adlon Residence
In the first place the architects' office Prof. Peichl was intended to design and expand the already in the year of 1999 constructed buildings envelope to a senior residence in the Behrenstraße at the corner of Wilhelmstraße. In 2002 FISSLER ERNST ARCHITEKTEN was taken into commission with rescheduling the expansion of the Hotel Adlon. The structure of the building concerning the supporting structure, the site development and the already existing facade has essentially been entirely preserved. Six upper floors have been used for the hotel expansion plans. These floors consist of 70 luxury double rooms and suites - all of these floors are connected with the Hotel Adlon through passageways on all levels. The basement was originally planned for underground parking; however, this space is now used as spa and wellness areas. After many debated variants for the first floor spaces, the area has been constructed as a restaurant space; until 2010 the restaurants have been run by star chef Tim Raue.

Adlon Hotel - Presidential Suite
The new building of the Hotel Adlon, which has been destroyed during the World War 2 and rebuilt in a neo-historical style, was designed by the plans of the the architect's office Patzschke + Klotz in 1997; however, since some years it is subjected to other constructional adjustments. These adjustments affected the industrial optimization in the kitchen and laundry or rather the reception, but also the conversion or rather merging rooms to bigger suits as well as a third Presidential Suite while considering the latest and highest standard of security.

Adlon Palais
The architects' office Behnisch + Partner originally planned the building at the Behrenstraße as a part of the "Akademie der Künste" before it was bought, redesigned and expanded for the Hotel Adlon. On basis of our conception design the upper levels have been planned for extensive saloons and conference rooms for the purpose of hotel use that have not been planned at first for the original building at the Pariser Platz. The house has four underground floors and a roof terrace. The upper floors have been expanded for the exclusive 'China Club'; the ground floor and the two underground floors have been built for the restaurant 'Gabriele' and the club 'Felix'. Beyond all this, the risen need of the hotel for office and staff spaces could be covered.

All plans of FISSLER ERNST ARCHITEKTEN or rather FEA-CONSULT have been done in cooperation with the interior designer of amj-design.