Haus Guckegönne, Berlin

Living Space: 300 m²
Project Period: 1990 - 1992

The country house Guckegönne*, which is directly located at the river Havel and constructed around 1910 according to the plans of the architect Albert Gessner, has been reconstructed and modernized while maintaining the monument preservation in 1991, so that one century later the country house still conveys the impression of Gessners ideas of his life-reforms. The restoration of the buildings envelope, the gardens and the very well preserved interiors, which have also been designed by Gessner, posed another challenge.

In 1999 the property has been honored with the "Ferdinand-von-Quast-Medaille" - a prize for conservation of protected buildings given by the Berlin Senate to people or institutions that show an exemplary engagement within the preservation of historical monuments of Berlin. Guckegönne has been honored for the exemplary cultivation and preservation of its house and gardens and is regarded as a gardens jewel of the cultural landscape of Berlin-Potsdam.

* The name Guckegönne originate in the Saxony word "Gucken können" / "schauen können" and means "to look" / "to peek" - here, it means: "to look above the river Havel"