Office Building,
   Frankfurt a.M.

Gross Floor Area: 10.250,00 m²
Gross Volume: 58.230,00 m³
Floor Area: 9.400,00 m²
Project Period: 2001 - 2003

The city Frankfurt a.M. developed a vast construction zone in the district Bockenheim in north of the exhibition centre in the area of former tracks. Based on the urban development framework City-West FISSLER ERNST ARCHITEKTEN planned two office buildings in the Franklinstraße.

Franklinstraße 50 has been developed as an angular building that follows block edges and the premises of Franklinstraße 46-48 has been developed as a building with a comb-shaped structure [Entwurfsplanung KSP | Frankfurt]. Both buildings are connected through two underground floors that provide parking spaces for a total of 110 vehicles; the seven upper floors are planned for office use.

Creative, ergonomic and effective workplaces form the basic equipment of the offices. The basis equipment features can be individually adjusted to the demands of the user.

The selection of materials and color design of the buildings achieve a harmonic and in discreet overall design through reducing to less, recurring used materials of the different building elements as well as color-related families of light-colored shades.