Fire Department Control    Station Centre, Berlin

Gross Floor Area: 5.530,00 m²
Main Floor Area: 2.540,00 m²
Project Period: 1995 - 2000

Changed technical demands on the area of technology intelligence and highly risen numbers of the fire department's actions for complete Berlin required the planning of a new building for the fire department control station, which has been taken into operation in 1967.

The existing ensemble of buildings is composed of the main fire station and the Siemens factory buildings. According to the urban development structure and functional conditions of the vast space allocation plan FISSLER ERNST ARCHITEKTEN realised a new building, constructed of four partly interconnected building elements.

In the shielded interior zone are located the rooms for use-specific administrational works as well as the control centre room, which is connected to all related engineering rooms. Relaxation rooms and its corresponding side areas as well as social rooms are attached to a further building element. Emergency power plants and transformers are stored in a separate one storey functional building.

All four construction elements are differentiated in its exterior appearance. The selection of materials and the facade design reflect the internal functional coherence. Clinker facades form a contrast to the light-colored fair-faced plaster areas. The central control station shows its high-tech character through a futuristic-looking metal panel facade.